Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be saved on your computer or mobile device when visiting websites. This text file contains data such as your language preference for a website. When you visit the website again later, this cookie is resent to the website. Then the website recognises your browser, and your language preference can be remembered for example. Cookies also usually have a time limit. Some cookies are for example automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), while others are saved on your computer for a longer time. Sometimes you even have to manually delete them (so-called persistent cookies).

Cookies can be saved by the server of the website that you visit or by partners working together on a website. The website server can only read cookies it has saved itself. It has no access to other information on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are saved on your computer or mobile device in your browser’s folder. The content of a cookie usually consists of the name of the server that has saved the cookie, a date of expiry and a unique numerical code.

Cookies generally make interaction between the visitor and the website easier and faster, while helping the visitor to navigate between the different parts of a website. Cookies can also be used to make the content of a website or advertising on a website more relevant to the visitor, and adapt it in line with the visitor’s personal taste and requirements.


Which cookies are saved on my visit to

There are no first party cookies used on our website. This means we never save data (personal or not) on your visit unrequested.

Third party cookies: Google Analytics is installed on the website. The purpose of this cookie is to improve the performance of the website by reporting on its use. No personal data on you is saved. Each session is given a unique code so the analysis of the results is always correct.



How can I see which cookies have been saved on my appliance and how can I delete/manage them?

Browser settings
You can refuse the installation of cookies in your browser settings. More information about deactivating cookies or managing the cookie settings for your browser can be found below:

Google Chrome:
Firefox :
Internet Explorer :
Safari (iOS):
Safari (MacOS) :


Deleting cookies:
You can also delete already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time.


Refusing advertisement cookies:
If you want to refuse advertisement cookies (including from Google) you can do this on the website

If you do not want to receive any advertising based on your surfing behaviour or remarketing cookies such those from Google, you can change the settings in the Google Ads Preferences Manager. Google also advises installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
The following link includes additional information about how you can manage what data that is shared by your web browser when you interact with Google services on websites and apps of third parties: