Your discarded electrical material still has a value

Many people are not aware, but you also receive a payment for handing in discarded electrical appliances. So bring your old electrical material to Rumstse Metaalhandel. We are an official Recupel partner. Your discarded electrical material is recycled in an environmentally friendly and proper way. You immediately receive a payment per kilogram from us on delivery.

Which appliances are eligible ?

To summarise, this concerns all WEEE This abbreviation stands for ‘waste from electrical and electronic equipment’. This means a very wide range of materials is involved. To sum up, all appliances with an electric plug or battery power are eligible.

Washing machines Cookers
Ovens Tumble-dryers
Dishwashers Refrigerators (complete)
Deep-freezes Computers
Electric toothbrushes Radio appliances
Mobile phones Tablets
Telephones Electric shavers
Printers (without cartridge)

See our acceptance conditions here.

Are your discarded electrical appliances eligible?

Ask here!

How can you hand in your discarded electrical material?

  1. Private individuals and companies taking care of transport themselves are always welcome at our establishment in Rumst during opening hours. More about handing in your electrical material in Rumst.


  1. Companies who (regularly) want to deliver large volumes of discarded electrical appliances can make use of our free container service. We bring an empty container and collect it within 24 hours after you ask us. You stack the appliances in the container. More about our container service..