Use our free container service for metals

We have containers of different dimensions to simplify the gathering and collection of old metals. We have long-term cooperation with numerous companies where we place a container that is filled with production waste, residues, stock clearances, demolition material, etc. Obviously this always involves metal waste. Just let us know when the container is full. We come along to collect and/or replace the container with a new empty one within 24 hours. A one-off container service for the collection of old metals is always among the options.

1. We make arrangements about our container service

We will be pleased to personally explain our flexible and transparent procedure to you. We listen to your expectations and respond individually with a proposal according to requirements.

We have both low and high containers with different volumes (12m³, 17m², 20m³, 23m³ and 30m³) enabling us to offer a suitable solution to any requirement.

Besides large containers we can also supply smaller collection boxes. You can use them anywhere depending your needs, for example at production machines. We have boxes suitable for the collection of batteries, aluminium or stainless steel.

3. We collect the full container after you tell us it is ready

Just let us know when the container is full. We come along to collect the full container or exchange it for an empty one within 24 hours.

4. You receive a detailed weighing note

After collecting the full container and/or collection boxes they are weighed and sorted.

After sorting and weighing you receive a detailed summary of all the sorts of metal, the weights and the associated payments. Disposal costs will be charged for non-compliant materials.

See our acceptance conditions.

5. You send us your invoice

You create an invoice with the due amount based on our detailed weighing note. After receipt we pay you appropriately by bank transfer.

Private individuals are paid in cash or receive the payment in their bank account.