Fourth generation in the
recycling sector

The roots of Rumstse Metaalhandel go back no fewer than four generations. The company initially concentrated on the collection of rags, offal and old metals. At the time this was still done with a horse and cart. Only since the second generation – when the company was called Gebroeders Van der Auwera – have the activities solely concentrated on scrap material. Partners Katie Van der Auwera and Dirk Noens are currently at the helm of Rumstse Metaalhandel. The focus is on the purchase and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and discarded electrical appliances. (WEEE) Customer-friendliness, transparency and honesty are at the heart of the business.

Collection and recycling

From its home base Rumstse Metaalhandel concentrates on the collection and sorting of scrap waste and discarded electrical material, before the materials are sold on for further processing and recycling. Old materials are supplied by both private individuals and companies.

For small volumes – as little as 1 kilogram of old metals or one discarded appliance – you are welcome at our establishment in Rumst. For large volumes (more than two tons) we make our collection service available or you can use our free container service. The collection service does not apply for WEEE.

Long-term partnerships with companies

We have long-term co-operative ties with numerous companies. In exchange for a payment in line with market practice we take their metals originating from demolition work, stock clearances, production faults, production waste, etc.

We work together with metal constructors, manufacturers of window and door sections, contractors for earthworks and demolition work, machine builders, refineries, pharmaceutical companies, garages, vehicle body manufacturers, sanitary companies, the automobile industries, veranda builders, printing works, construction companies, electricians, plumbers, waste collectors, heating specialists, etc. In short, anyone finding themselves with metal waste is welcome. We consider each cooperative venture individually, responding to the real and specific needs of each company.

Transparency and honesty are key aspects in any co-operative venture. You receive a detailed weighing note for each load of collected old metals that mentions the weights and payments per type of metal. Payment is always made within the invoice date.

Operating across the whole of Flanders, with the focus on the nearby region

We operate across the whole of Flanders for the collection of old metals. Our home base Rumst – at a mere 2 kilometres from the E19 motorway – has an extremely central location in the Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen, Leuven and Ghent pentagon.